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The service units Vienna University Library and Archive Services and Research Services and Career Development are overseeing u:cris from a specialist perspective. They are happy to support you in case of enquiries and concerns.

u:cris Team Vienna University Library and Archive Services

Publications, activities and general information

Mag. Michael Greil, MA
Elena Fürst, BA BA MA

Deputy head, support, training, data management

elena.fuerst@univie.ac.at, +43-1-4277-15044

Christian Buchmayer, BA

Technical application support, reporting, data management

christian.buchmayer@univie.ac.at, +43-1-4277-15049

Mag. Iwona Dullinger, PhD

Data management, reporting, support

iwona.dullinger@univie.ac.at, +43-1-4277-15057

Mag. Sonja Fröschl, Bakk. Bakk.

Data management, Project RIS Synergy

sonja.froeschl@univie.ac.at, +43-1-4277-15040

Dipl.-Ing. (FH) Consuelo Mahrer, BA

Data management, support, training

consuelo.mahrer@univie.ac.at, +43-1-4277-15053


u:cris Team Research Services and Career Development: Funding applications and third-party funded projects

Jakob Puttinger, BA MA

Analyses, application and project documentation, data management, support, training, project management RIS Synergy

jakob.puttinger@univie.ac.at, +43-1-4277-18223

Isabel Eggeler, BA

Application and project documentation, data management, support

isabel.eggeler@univie.ac.at, +43-1-4277-18249